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Bankruptcy is an opportunity for you to get a fresh financial start. The Federal Bankruptcy Code provides you with that opportunity. Bankruptcy is a legal procedure that provides relief to individuals and businesses that are struggling with financial difficulties. These difficulties can be caused by many factors but most commonly they are loss of a job, divorce, medical problems, or death of a spouse.


Filing bankruptcy allows you to begin rebuilding your credit, your savings, and most importantly your future. Even banks and credit unions recognize that an individual who has filed bankruptcy may be a better risk than one who has not. In fact, the majority of people who file bankruptcy find that their credit scores are higher after filing bankruptcy than before.
If you are facing serious financial difficulties, it is important that you contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  The preparation, filing, and processing of your bankruptcy is not a simple task and attorneys who do not practice bankruptcy don't understand it any more than you do.  Therefore, if you are considering filing bankruptcy it is strongly recommended that you contact a highly qualified attorney.
At the law firm of Carl C. Silver, your case is handled by an experienced attorney, not by a paralegal or law clerk.  Carl C. Silver has been providing expert legal advice throughout Northeast Michigan for over 35 years.
We know that having financial difficulties is a frightening, uncomfortable experience and we will make every effort to make it as painless and comfortable as possible.  We are more than ready to assist you if you have an "emergency" that requires an immediate bankruptcy filing.
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